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social network, place of your classmates

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HELP - Phorum
17.06.2019 петр: как найти однокласника по имени и фамилии?... >>
22.11.2018 Zyzi: Xociu udalit anketu.Spaciba.
21.11.2017 damian adriana: Не могу войти в одноклассниках с телефона..не отк... >>
Looking for friends
16.09.2019 Chenyang: hello everyone
19.02.2018 Syn: Ruslana Irhovcij
11.11.2017 bajdak: светлана синицына (рябова)
03.09.2019 Niki: Hi, nice to be here
26.12.2018 ravi >>> Safin Da King:hii hello how r you?
30.01.2018 st1tom: Hello 

To find a class, follow these steps:
- select district, city, school, ...

If you are looking for is not in the database, you can create it by clicking on the appropriate link on the page. Just add a school and class.

If the city and the school can be found, select a year of their studies. If the year is not based here, class is not yet created, and you can start it again by clicking on the appropriate link.

If you find and select a city, school and year of completion, choose from the list of classes that you have attended. And again - if the class does not find in the list, you can create it.

If you find a class, you will find that the system asks for the answer to a secret question that contractors founder (manager) class. If you do not know the answer and you are still convinced that the class is correct, please contact the administrator class (click the link under the box for the answer) or site administrator.

After entering the class, you can view what your одноклассников have already put into classes, papers on the bulletin board, pictures, articles, engage in discussion or determine if a class is not held another meeting.

To you also add images, calendar event, articles, change their data and have their membership fully under their control, you have to be (if you are not registered, you must register as a server under his e-mail and password.

» Kazakhstan [kz]

Choosing district

DistrictNumber of townsNumber of schoolsNumber of classes
Акмолинская область212529
Актюбинская область534
Алматинская область214245
Атырауская область222
Восточно-Казахстанская область142120
Жамбылская область202932
Западно-Казахстанская область322
Карагандинская область183338
Костанайская область161517
Кызылординская область678
Мангистауская область111
Павлодарская область131922
Северо-Казахстанская область121415
Южно-Казахстанская область121721